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Nutritional Supplements for Optimal Health

Why would anyone need to use nutritional supplements for health when we can eat real, whole, readily available, healthy food? Aren’t supplements only for athletes? Can a nutritional supplement really make that much of a difference in how we feel? Good questions!

A welcome message from Mark Alston.

food supply

Our choices are not limited by local seasons or climate. In fact, individual foods are usually in season somewhere and may be shipped halfway around the world just for our convenience. Our food supply has never been more abundant, and feeding ourselves has never been easier.

Do we really need supplementation?

The answer is a resounding "Yes".  Scientific research shows that supplements can benefit the human body. The natural health industry knows this best. Just look at all the supplement companies out there. What a choice!

Today we eat convenience foods of all types. However, we may be sacrificing nutrition. If we look at the process from harvest to table, our food's nutritional value may be decreased more than we realize. What are several factors that cause this to happen? Click here for the answers.

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