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Healthy Supplementation Newsletter, Issue #002
November 01, 2007

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Issue #002, October 31, 2007

Welcome to the Halloween issue of Supplementation for Health’s newsletter. Please remember that you may contact us via phone or form on our contact page if you have any comments or questions.

Tonight is the night when all the goblins are out. Good thing we have local heros near by! In this issue we will be covering…

  1. Superdog & Batdog's visit...One happy Halloween!
  2. How is your diet? A simple questionnaire for the whole family.

1. Our local heros...Superdog & Batdog. Mans best friend!

Mattson and Penny have come out to help with all the "trick or treaters" in the neighborhood, with there super dog powers they keep us safe. (Commercial Photo Disclaimer: No dogs where humiliated during this photo shoot. Plenty of treats where eaten by all)

2. A Simple Questionnaire. Check Your Glycemic Profile.

This is a simple survey to check your personal glycemic profile. The questions and answers will help determine if your diet falls into the healthy "Glycemic Response" score. Check it today and a week from now after the Halloween treats are out of your system. Here is a link to download and print off. The lower the score the better!

Supplementation allows anyone to manage their nutrient intake. This is a simple and effective way to ensure long term outstanding health. May we all look good and feel great!

Take care,
Mark & Scott
Penny & Mattson
(Every Day Super Heros)

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