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This page is about us. Why you may ask? So any one surfing the Internet may know who we are and what we do. Please check out Facebook.com for more information on Mark Alston. We are common folks with a passion for life. We hope that you enjoy your stay.

Mark Alston, August 2007

Mark Alston is the president and administrator of Supplementation-for-Health.com. Mark has worked in the internet service field for several years and has had a life long interest in health and nutrition. Several months ago he decided to combine these two interests and has spent many hours researching and writing in order to build a website. The video below is what inspired Mark to build a site with Solo Build It! His name is Elad and he built coolest-parties.com. All you need is a passion in life. As Mark continues to research, new pages will be added. Feel free to do your own research on Solo Build It. Keep in mind though, there is a Solo Build It scam campaign going around that is completely false.

Scott Alston is a certified pedorthist and vice president of Supplementation-for-Health.com. Since 1997 he has worked in several clinics both in Alberta and Ontario. He is currently the manager of a foot care clinic and specializes in the making of orthotics. He has also had a life long interest in fitness and health. Through his studies and experience Scott has learned the value of overall nutrition and exercise as an important part of reducing foot ailments.

Diane Landry is the editor of Supplementation-for-Health.com. A teacher by profession, Diane has a passion for the English language and is currently a part time freelance editor. If you would like your website professionally reviewed, or assistance with written content, please contact Diane today, for a FREE quote.

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