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GNLD: Golden Neo Life Diamite

GNLD is an acronym for Golden Neo Life Diamite. Neo-Life was founded in 1958 by Donald Pickett. Golden and Diamite were founded by Jerry & Bob Brassfield. They a acquired Neo-Life in 1983. The company is a merger of these companies. Today it is a $420,000,000 per annum business, debt free corporation with thousands of representatives worldwide.

A Company Video: A Wonderful History.

The company is privately owned by the Brassfield family. Golden Neo Life Diamite currently does business in *50 countries, including Australia, Japan, Mexico, United States and Canada.

The company has thousands of *satisfied clients who refer business on a monthly basis and it has been featured in Home Business Connection Magazine, see *January 2007 issue online.

GNLD history, Manufacturing License (#40708), FDA

The company goes far beyond the call of duty. The manufacturing branch, Natural Formulas, maintains a Drug Manufacturing License (#40708) issued by the State of California, Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch, even though Golden Neo Life Diamite does not manufacture drugs.

This license not only means that products meet pharmaceutical standards, but strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is maintained. Also, every aspect of the operation is open to unannounced inspection by the FDA to confirm that Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) as well as GMP are being followed.

In addition to maintaining a Drug Manufacturing License, several key personnel hold manufacturing licenses issued by the State of California Board of Pharmacy. For companies in California, these licenses supersede a drug manufacturing license from the U.S. FDA. The company has many affiliate research partners.

World-Class Research

GND history, CDC, New York Academy of Sciences, PhenHRIG, FASEB

While there is no law that requires supplement manufacturers, such as Natural Formulas, to meet the stringent standards required by drug manufacturers, the company voluntarily subjects itself to such scrutiny to help assure the finest quality of products and to preserve consumer confidence. The company has maintained its Drug Manufacturing License for more than 16 years.

GNLD history, Standford University, Partners with GNLD

Stanford University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States for educating doctors, has partnered with GNLD to teach tomorrow's doctors about the critical role of nutrition in disease prevention.

GNLD Research Quote by Barbara Ralston

"GNLD researches the science of, and produces, food supplements, and has done so with the highest degree of scientific and ethical integrity for 43 years. We're confident that in a constantly-changing and sometimes overwhelming scientific arena, GNLD's nutritional expertise and commitment to leading-edge science offers a rare and welcome combination of credibility that we can trust now and in the years ahead."

~ Barbara Ralston, Director of the Health Library at Stanford University at the Dr. Arthur Furst Lecture Series at Stanford University

DSA, Direct Selling Association,

Golden Neo Life Diamite is also a member of The Direct Selling Association, or commonly called DSA. It is the American national trade association of leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers typically through in home or person to person sales.

*DSA Canada

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